Review: Zeta Zero Venus Picolla

The Sound 

With  ASL Twin-Head and Zeta Zeropower end bits

Zeta_Zero_Venus_Picolla13 HiFiPhilosophy   On the next day I had reached to the silver box in order to get two monoblocks made by Zeta itself. They are neither specially large, nor heavy. Each is more less the size of Croft and of similar weight, only slightly taller and heavier. They owe their height to the radiators placed at the bottom, and the weight to that mysterious content, which probably has not been seen by anyone so far. The producer defines them as analog meaning such, that are completely free from the aliasing numerousity of the signal, about which I have written in my preface. I have seen a discussion on the internet on that aspect because according to an opponent we are not dealing here with analog amplifiers, but with so called D class, meaning quite the opposite – digital ones. It is not my intention to conduct some kind of lecture debate here, neither is it to solve the analog – digital disagreement. The truth is, that after switching the monoblocks on, of which every single one according to the producer posesses the power of 1,175 kW, the electricity meter barely sped up, neither did the fuses pop, as it used to happen occasionally during starting Accuphase A-200 monoblocks. Still, mysterious boxes turned out to have been working and the music began to flow.

Monoblocks look very nice; their cases are elegant and in front there are large brand logo plaques, and at the back, each has a socket under a little flap, one for each monoblock (as it usually takes place) RCA and XLR. There is a power socket for a simple reason that no one has ever invented monoblocks operated on cosmic radiation so there is the main switch. A set of switches for connecting bi-wiring loudspeakers is attached to that, without which it would be rather hopeless even for the least provided audiophile conditions. Radiators located at the bottom are made of copper, their cases are greyish, iridescent towards blue, and plaques are elyptical and shiny.

Zeta_Zero_Venus_Picolla29 HiFiPhilosophyNot without difficulty those two monoblocks managed to fit on Cairn and the listening could begin.

With some anxiety I switched it on. The home electrical plant dashboard did not explode despite 2,3 kW load, and the elecrtricity meter almost did not move. I like those analog end power bits, no kidding.

The meter barely moved and still the loudspeakers received enormous amplifying and in relevance to Croft became different. The whole pleiad of that distinctness fell over me immediately and its brightest points was greater smoothness, increased energy, stronger base and warmest sound. Also the space along with that dosage of energy became more distinct, filling the whole room.

I do not really care much whether such amplifiers will be called analog or digital, neither do I care whether Zeta’s monoblocks are constructed like the NuForce digital amplifier, or maybe basically different. The truth is, that both amplifiers can be characterized by great smoothness of the sound, although at the same time I have to admit, that after last year’s and present Audio Show listenings, at home they are an ideal choice for Zeta loudspeakers. Priced at 24 thousand PLN per pair, they seem to be a bargain because for exact same quality of sound others want many times more. One single and not any longer produced Croft also managed well, even though is was much cheaper (800 GBP);  however it posessed one noticeable flaw – it gave definitely less base.

Zeta_Zero_Venus_Picolla19 HiFiPhilosophyAnd that is certailny difficult to forgive because in that aspect Zetas are really capable of doing extremely well. Therefore during listening to both rock, and great symphony, their base touched my chest so forcefully that I became worried about my electrocardiogram and upcoming ventricular fibrillation. (I am just kidding, really).

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