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Zeta_Zero_Venus_Picolla32 HiFiPhilosophy   Summaries are rarely free from expressions „yes, but”, or „no, alhough”. It is rare, because it does not often happen that one can witness such a high class of  sound, even if it involves a professional critic and regular audio displays goer. In context of the last Audio Show I can easily say that it needed fingers from both my hands to count systems present there such of a similar quality, and at the same time with no exception, sources playing there were dozens of times more expensive than the one I am writing about. Because even if a laptop was used as a source still DAC and its surroundings would cost as much as a car or not much less.

And here, the excellent specification of the Zeta system appears: those monoblocks and loudspeakers do not need any extraordinary source. Their analog smoothness, their fantastic realizm and huge power make them capable of building a quality peak even in front of a medium quality player and its weaknesses will become invisible. A skilled ear can technically find some traces of  intricacies; minimal scratches and flaws, but these are really just trifles, and therefore even someone as picky as I will not be able to say that they can feel those flaws and that they disturb him in listening. This music is just too captivating, being just the music itself, the objective and the end of the road for every audiophile. It can be described in many technical manners, just as I have done above, or just in a simple, emotional way. I listen to music almost every day, even if I do not feel like it, I still have to. That is my job. As an effect I am obliged to break my internal stubborness and anger coming from the fact that most of the stages described by me play worse than my own. And so it happened yesterday that I had to travel far and that day was a day wasted, without me listening to Zetas in my living room. I was very annoyed and felt sorry about it.

– Such recommendation.

I will add something extra at the end. Something thought-provoking. In case of Zetas, similarly as in case of Oslo loudspeakers from Ancient Audio, after praising them in my reports from the Show, I came across quite a massive, even as for my experience, very surprising increase of criticizm at the internet discussion boards. Those bollocks, because I cannot name it any other thing, evidently presented features of planned propaganda whose aim was to lessen the market strength of the subject. In reference to Oslo it was just a regular talk without sense and not supported by any logical argumentation, operating only with invectives but in reference to Zetas, some „arguments” appeared there. Those pointless comments about Zetas claimed, for example, that their base was hopeless and that there was a „hole” between mid and high tones. Their silly argumentation was at the intelectual level of football stadium hooligans, when it is obvious which team is the best in the world even if it scored the last place in the third league, and this time, I know which team was mentioned here. Instead picking on base in Zetas I propose that they should come up with a legislatory initiative banning low frequencies altogether.  It would both be decent and wise. As for the second issue, I have returned to the hearings thinking that maybe it was just my imagination that Zeta band was evened. I am skipping the fact that the mentioned above critic must have heard that in Zetas both middle and the top of band were served by the same and only set of ribbon loudspeakers. Nevertheless if there is no coherence but some strange hole, then I can invite those who argue for joint hearing and let them point out where exactly that hole lies, because I would be greatly happy to be able to see it, and admire how wonderful ears others have.

Those guys must have microscopes inside their ears and therefore can see quantum holes. Geniuses, damn it. But the peak of that was, when another gentleman claimed no more no less but that Zetas „squeek, scratch and hiss”. This kind of dimention could only be entered after a powerful drug shot or while being terribly hung over. Or simply it was their way of kicking someone’s ass, for the simple fact that he is not one of ours.


In points:


•          Music, music, music.

•          Fantastic overall level.

•          Phenomenal trebles.

•          Very strong base support.

•          Extremely rarely observed individualization of human voices.

•          Complete band cohesion.

•          Complete stage cohesion.

•          Speed and drive.

•          Ease of driving.

•          Enormous power with own monoblocks,

•          Also increased thanks to extra portion of music.

•          Zero distortions even during very high levels of sound volume.

•          Natural advantages of ribbon loudspeakers.

•          Perfect construction.

•          Wonderful appearance.

•          Tasteful styling.

•          They act as room decoration.

•          Unique technology.

•          The only ones of the kind in the world.

•          The highest quality of materials used for them.

•          Loudspeakers’ cables included in set.

•          Trebles’ range regulation.

•          They can be played even in small rooms,

•          Or in very spacious ones.

•          Top notch dedicated amplifier and power end bits.

•          Attached to the set, they successfully conceal flaws in the sound source.

•          Worldwide known.

•          Polish production, servicing and distribution.

•          Two years warranty.


Drawbacks and objections

•          Unfortunately they are not cheap.

•          Some technical aspects remain only the producer’s secret.

•          They noticeably expose the quality of recordings (Which is a natural consequence of this quality range.)

•          Item is manufactured by a small company (Provided that someone likes the big producers.)

Zeta Zero Web Page


Technical details:

Zeta Zero Venus Picolla:

•          Power: RMS/Music/Impulse – 1 sec (Watt) 300/500/1000W

•          Carrying band:  (-12 dB) 18 Hz – 50 kHz

•          Average effectiveness:  > 92 dB

•          Maximal SPL pressure:  ≥ 130 dB.

•          Impedance:  4 Ω.

•          Reccommended amplifier: 8 – 1000 W

•          Recommended size of the room for listening: 12 – 80 msq.

•          Dimentions: 108 x 47 x 48 cm.

•          Weight: 65 kgs.

•          Type of loudspeaker column: Passive.

•          Overload registrating computer.

•          Base loudspeaker protection.

•          Ribbon loudspeakers protection.

•          Connection type: Bi-wiring

•          Membranes cooling system.

•          Subwoofer:  Carbon 12 inch.

•          Two middletone ribbon loudspeakers.

•          Single ribbon treble loudspeaker.

•          Price: 61 500 PLN.



•          Effective power (max) –  1175 Watt RMS/4Ω.

•          Damping coefficient: 1600 / 8 Ω.

•          THD:  0,007% with 1 Watt;  0,2% with 1000 Watt.

•          Dynamics: 118 dB.

•          Efficiency: 78%.

•          Carrying band: 5 Hz – 38 kHz (8 Ω) – 3 dB (intentionally limited).

•          Weight: 8 kg.

•          Dimentions: 12 x 22 x 33 cm.

•          Price: 24 600 PLN per pair.


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