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Review: Luna Cables Gris IC
The hunt is still on, the optimal sound is still elusive.  Of course, the easiest way is to lure it with gold, but a sack of gold can be just as elusive.  And when the sack is not too heavy, or the allowance for audio equipment is not too big, then it gets even more complicated. On the one hand, there is plenty of cheap equipment in every department, but how to find the right one? Well, that’s what reviewers are for, and that’s why they shouldn’t test whatever gets into their hands, or... czytaj więcej...
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Review: ifi audio PRO iCAN
   I’m very pleased to announce that a product so noteworthy that I would love to have it on my own has arrived on the market. It’s not my usual way of categorizing audiophile innovations. Usually the division is more reasonable like expensive, medium, cheap or extraordinary, good, bad. Surely this way is more rational and professional, but at times one experiences something called an impulse. Such spontaneous reactions reflect wisdom derived from subconsciousness, which ignores the... czytaj więcej...
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Review: Sulek Audio RCA IC
Sulek_Audio_RCA_IC_008_HiFi PhilosophyENG
    It seems that reviews praising some equipment pop up one after another. There’s something to it. On the one hand, the manufacturers do their best so the market is generally improving. On the other hand, the reviewers choose carefully so they don’t have to deal with rubbish. And should the need arise, negative reviews would be flowing. But what’d be the point? The intense urge to criticize something appears only when the thing is aggressively advertised, or even worse, comes from a... czytaj więcej...
Review: iFi Audio iUSB3.0
   ifi is setting new standards and is doing so in many aspects at the same time. The first – probably the most important, but not mentioned by the company itself – is the pace of changes. New devices pop up one after another, not giving the competition a chance to catch their breath. Other novelties, which also make the competition struggle for breath, are innovative solutions produced on a massive scale and widely implemented, and in the case of ifi they are packed into small boxes that... czytaj więcej...
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